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How to Care for your hardwood Floor


  • Number one:  keep it clean!  Sweep with a good microfibre dust mop a couple of times a week to keep fine grit, dust, and sand from accumulating.  Even what you can't see wears down the finish.
  • Water and wood don't play nice together.  Don't damp mop.  We sell dust mop kits with a cleaning head that you spray with hardwood floor cleaner.  If you do damp mop, make sure you have a dry cloth to get up any water residue.
  • Use a low pH cleaner.  People think dish soap is mild, but it's formulated to cut grease.  That's hard on wood and dulls the finish.  After two years of diluted dish soap, on client took the finish off her hardwood floor.
  • Use protection!  Felt stick-on tabs are inexpensive, attach easily on furniture feet and slide without scratching.  But even sliding furniture on carpet or a sheet isn't foolproof.  never, never slide!  Always lift.
  • Use mats at front and back doors to collect dirt, water and salt from shoes.
  • No outside shoes should be worn on hardwood floors.


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